Hello world!

Greetings, Blogosphere!

I’ll be using this space to post reviews, essays, and other thoughts on hip-hop music. Specifically, I’ll focus on lyrical analysis, trends, and themes to unveil the social and political issues encoded in hip-hop.  I find that the socially conscious messages of the genre are often lost, misinterpreted, or misunderstood. Ideally, this blog will push these messages to the forefront, shining  a better light on the genre’s relevance to American current events: i.e. racial tension, mass incarceration, homophobia, and misogyny to name a few. I hope you join me in this journey, to discover–to quote Kendrick Lamar–the “goldmines in these lines” of hip-hop. Let’s attain poetic justice for the rebel lyricists of our generation. Together, we can gain a better understanding of hip-hop’s potential impact on our world.  As always, stay fly.




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